Love Redefined

Posted by sharon on Feb 13, 2020

Love is allowing your mother the piece of German chocolate cake, because you know she likes it so much. Love is watching the TV show that he likes, while missing your favorite season finale. Love is kind. Love surrenders.
Love is setting aside that long to-do list and calling a friend instead, because she needs to talk. Love is delaying your dream to pave the way for your daughter to achieve hers. Love is giving. Love sacrifices.
Love is overcoming the hurtful words, so the relationship can survive. Love is burying the past and truly believing that he, that she, can still be great. Love is growing together. Love forgives.
Love is waiting, waiting, waiting for your nephew's second-grade program to end, smiling the whole time. Love is deliberately walking slow to keep pace with your 80-year-old father. Love is not speaking, just listening to whatever she has to say. Love is patient. Love endures.
Love is being there for whatever, because you know your presence means more than anything. Love is apologizing for falling short, regrouping, and doing better the next time. Love is follow-through. Love is commitment. Love never fails.

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